We can help make sure that facebook is set up to connect to your site, and advertises your site as a page in the best way for people and search engines to see.


Twitter has not differentiation from a business user to a social user, but does still have a huge amount of benefits for a business.

Google +

Google itself has dipped into the social media market with its Google + network, which is becoming a rising star for all who use it

Social Marketing

Does your business have a social profile online? If not, you are potentially missing out on a huge audience. We can help set up and integrate social media into your existing site, as well as optimising any current social profiles to make the most of there search engine benefits.

Search Engine Marketing and Promotion

We manage large corporate marketing campaigns through to smaller companies with limited budgets, providing realistic expectations and timescales.

We believe in the natural selection of search engine results, combining excellent website optimisation and the latest promotional techniques. We will strive to reach high search engine positions and generate targeted sales and enquiries.

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Search engine ranking table

Link Building

With Google making changes to the way you search every few years, many techniques of improving your search engine position have been left behind, becoming either obsolete, or being frowned upon and penalised against. One of the only ways that has remained the same throughout is Organic Link Building

This has proven to be a very effective medium in generating targeted long term traffic and can significantly increase your search engine positions.

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Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords is the only guaranteed way to acheive high search engine positions instantly. We recommend setting up a Google Awords campaign while your site is progressing up the search engines through natual search engine submission.

Google ‘sponsored adverts’ are displayed during Google searches above and to the left of the organic results. It’s a method of directly paying each time someone clicks on your sponsored advert.

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