Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of this agreement Somerset Web Design Ltd refers to work undertaking by Somerset Web Design Ltd and it’s trading name PC Webshop.

Somerset Web Design Ltd will quote for any agreed work. If quote is accepted, a 50% deposit will be required before work proceeds, after which the work will be completed within an agreed timescale.

The design will be available to view as work in progress throughout the development, with feedback requested from the client, before the web development is started, to ensure satisfaction, any changes to the design after web development begins may be chargable at the standard hourly rate.

Once completed the client has 5 working days to ask for any amendments, after which final payment will be required, within 14 days, PRIOR to the site going live.  Final payment will be required within 14 days of acceptance, even if the client wishes to delay, or cancel the “go live” date for any reason.

The site is covered by a 30 day warranty, from the date of acceptance, during which time any errors found will be fixed free of charge. Any additions or amendments to the content or structure of the site are not covered and will be subject to an additional fee.  Any work carried out to the site after warranty will be charged at our hourly rate, unless an optional support package has been purchased by the client.

If the clients website is to be hosted by Somerset Web Design Ltd, the client agrees to pay an annual fee for hosting, as agreed in the quote. This hosting fee includes on-going telephone and e-mail support, but does not include any work being carried out on the clients website.

All Somerset Web Design Ltd created CTM code, database code and all scripts remain Somerset Web Design Ltd IPR, and must not be reverse engineered, offered for resale, or freely distributed to any third party. Codes and scripts covered by a third party or in the public domain remain the IP of the original author.

Any information held on a database within the website remains the Intellectual Property of the client, it is therefore imperative that the client keeps a backup copy of the database, Somerset Web Design Ltd is not responsible for any website malfunction resulting from a loss of client data. All WordPress websites require on-going upgrading to both the core WordPress program and WordPress plugins, We are happy to update both WordPress and WordPress plugins on behalf of client if requested as we will backup the website in advance encase of issues caused by the updates. We do not support websites developed on our server by a 3rd party and it is the your responsibility to backup website and database. We accept no liability for any issues which arise from updates to WordPress or WordPress plugins, but will assist to rectify any issues which arise promptly. If a 3rd party programmer is required then there may be a charge at our hourly rate.

The hosting account is removed from the server if cancelled or expired. We do not keep backups and cannot restore as we are charge for backup services.

Somerset Web Design Ltd accepts no liability for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect consequential or special loss arising from the agreed work, renewal of domains or hosting of the agreed work. The client indemnifies Somerset Web Design for any claims made against Somerset Web Design arising from any of the agreed work.

Terms of Payment

Payment can be made by BACS, cheque, cash, credit card & debit card or PayPal.
Full balance is required if client decides not to complete project at any stage during development.

If client provides no communication towards finishing a project, then after 3 months it is assumed they do not want to continue development. All clients website services will be suspended and full payment of balance is required.

Monthly payment scheme is interest free, with a deposit required that total 1/4 of the cost, which is equal to 3 months. The remaining total is payable over the next 11 months. There is no charge for paying off the whole or part of the balance early. Each month, you will receive an invoice for the balance for that month, payment must be made within 7 days of the invoice being sent. If payment is not received, then all web services will be suspended and a suspension fee of £25 will be applicable. All work paid for over a 12 month period remains the property of Somerset Web Design Ltd until the whole balance has been paid for.

All website services will be suspended due to non-payment of any invoice.

Invoicing Process

  1. Invoice sent via post or emailed, payment require
  2. If Invoice not paid after 28 days, Overdue invoice posted or emailed
  3. Final Demand – All website services suspended after 5 days. £25 suspension fee applied and full balance plus suspension fee is required to restore website.
  4. Website delete off server after 30 days  –  All files removed and no backup provided.

Client Invoicing Details

It is the client’s responsibility to keep their invoice address details updated. Somerset Web Design is not responsible for any loss of earnings due to non-payment of invoices caused by incorrect contact information.

You can email sales@pcwebshop.co.uk with new invoice details, or alternatively call us on 01643 709211.

Use on Marketing Media

Somerset Web Design Ltd retains the right to use the services provided to the client as examples on any kind of marketing media. If the client does not wish for Somerset Web Design Ltd to use their services as examples, Somerset Web Design Ltd requires notice when the services are being carried out.