Google is changing its mobile search engine, to prioritise Mobile Friendly Websites over Non-mobile Friendly Sites. Is your site ready for the change?\n\nIn one of its biggest changes in recent years, Google has announced that on April 21st 2015, it will be changing its Search Engine Algorithm, the programming that runs every time you run a search on its systems. This change will penalise sites that are not mobile-friendly, by pushing sites that are not mobile-friendly down below sites that are mobile-friendly on their mobile search systems, including their mobile apps, and standard searches on Google from a mobile.\n\nIt’s estimated that this change will affect a massive 40% of all global queries, whereas updates before this such as Panda and Penguin, have only affected at most 12%.\n\nTo make people aware, Google has been sending out Webmaster reports to all sites that are registered to its Webmaster systems, informing them of any mobile usability issues. Those that have these issues are more likely to be affected.\n\nIf your worried that your site may be affected, you can do a simple test here, to see whether google identifies your site as being mobile friendly or not.\n\nSince Late 2012, we have been developing mobile-friendly sites, that don’t need any form of separate costly site, to work on a mobile. Since we started developing these mobile sites, they’ve only been getting better. In our latest versions, we have sites that are fully layout manageable inside the CMS system we have always used, WordPress.\n\nGive us a call on 01643 709211, or contact us online to see what we can do for you.